Political Campaigning

A fine piece of recent propaganda from candidate Mustafa Sarigül (note to English-speakers: his surname means 'yellow-rose'). The placement of his name is boring, frustrating and conflicting. To top it off, his nonsensical slogan of, "Love is going to win..." painfully squeezed in under his name, in a fine italic font.... yuck.

Then there's the hideous plastic rose, which is just insulting. Thank you, I'm not five years old, and also I can see you're a very 'green' candidate... let's just hope they all end up being recycled by old grandmothers who think that they can use them as an addition somewhere in their house.

From a distance the whole thing looks like some kind of bizarre official valentine's day gift given to the captain of a plane by one of the flight attendants.

The DSP logo is looking dated too.


  1. Your blog is great! Keep on posting - I'm sure you'll never run out of subjects in Istanbul!

  2. totally agree with you. I do not like not real flowers. They annoy me.

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