I REALLY hate this skull. Not only because of how utterly stupid it looks, but also because it's probably going to replace all of the hundreds of different, way cooler skulls out there as the standard required "Danger Of Death" sign placed on electricity boxes throughout Turkey.

That wry smile (a smiling skull on an electricity box?), the kids balloon head with this giant, comedic, keyhole nose, like a hole in the middle of its face.....not to mention those eyes.... seriously.... I mean, can you imagine the face attached to that skull ? This is just a perfect example of goofy meeting ugly - resulting in the ridiculous.




I'm not sure if this one was made in Turkey (I think it might be Chinese), but the fact that you are selling a toy phone to little Turkish girls and the phone is called... "BENIGN GIRL"... well... that's just pretty amazing.




If you want to get the 'natural' idea across (presumably this means that their instruments are 'natural' or something?) red is probably a bad choice. Shades of green, blue or maybe some earth tones... these are natural colours. When you find red in nature it usually means 'DANGER!' 'WARNING!', 'DON'T TOUCH' or 'HAZARDOUS!' so hardly the kind of connotation you want to have if you are actually trying to get people to come into your shop. Also, slapping a notation symbol on top of a picture of planet earth is seriously unimaginative and a lazy way of combining the two themes of "natural" and "music".


Political Campaigning

A fine piece of recent propaganda from candidate Mustafa Sarigül (note to English-speakers: his surname means 'yellow-rose'). The placement of his name is boring, frustrating and conflicting. To top it off, his nonsensical slogan of, "Love is going to win..." painfully squeezed in under his name, in a fine italic font.... yuck.

Then there's the hideous plastic rose, which is just insulting. Thank you, I'm not five years old, and also I can see you're a very 'green' candidate... let's just hope they all end up being recycled by old grandmothers who think that they can use them as an addition somewhere in their house.

From a distance the whole thing looks like some kind of bizarre official valentine's day gift given to the captain of a plane by one of the flight attendants.

The DSP logo is looking dated too.