oh man, this is like a vision of heaven: blue sky and suddenly plates of food popping out at you.


29 MAY

another one of these ? stock image...
Including such 'Special Anatolian Turkish Foods' such as Coca-Cola..


27 MAY 2009

If you can't make your own flyer beautiful, should anyone trust you with my face/nails/hair/legs..?

Cause in Turkey, nothing says 'quality' more than a blonde kid.

Bat cafe? Bati cafe? which way is it anyway, so many damn arrows!


25 May 2009

Ok, I see what they were trying to get at but the result is just horrible, just seems like this woman has a heavy 5 o'clock shadow beard ! damn...

BOSS: "OK, so we're gonna open a carpark, let's call it after my name, Erdem, and lets have a car logo.. .hmm... how about one of those old model-T's yeah? ok, sorted. I'm gonna be rich"


Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight. For the stomach, or the eyes ?

Apartment in Tesvikiye

Because nothing says 'fast, modern, efficient dry cleaning service' better than a clothesline stuck on the back of a horse & cart.